Platforms & Technology

Strathos provides all clients with MetaTrader 4 platform simply because it is the benchmark platform of choice for 99% of traders. Why?

MetaTrader 4 allows relatively simply coding of algormithic strategies through their MQL4 Coding Language. Also there are 10k’s of Algos available on the market plus MetaTrader 4 is extremely easy to integrate with copy trader platforms also readily available on the market.

Strathos, for Money Managers, also provides a proprietary MAM/PAM Technology with all relevant allocation methodologies available so if you are a Money Manager please contact us and we can discuss how to arrange this for you.

Finally, we are part of OneZero’s Ecosystem and can connect with clients directly via FIX API which is the execution method which the entire interbank market has adopted and uses for FX, Metals and Equities. We have worked with OneZero and can also support Crypto trading which is unique as most Crypto Exchanges utilise their own proprietary protocol and some utilise questionable market making tactics.

FInally with Crypto trading traders often trade using Trading View which is substantially slower than trading off the charting provided by MetaTrader 4. Please inquire further by emailing [email protected] if you have any special trading requirements or technology. 

All our infrastructure is in Equinix LD4 which is the primary data centre used by every major hedge fund, bank and alternative market maker in the world. 

Learn More about Equinix Data Centers

The Equinix LD4 and NY4 IBX Data Centres in London and New York are home to 60+ exchanges and trading platforms, 400+ buy and sell side firms, 150+ financial service providers, 675+ network bandwidth options.

Equinix data centres are known to be the most reliable data centres on earth. In these facilities financial market participants can interact between each other with very low latency to ensure the ultra fast transfer of data, leading to the fastest execution speeds for the end user.

We have additionally scatter Virtual Data Centers (VDC) across the globe so that you seamlessly connect to the nearest and quickest connection to our LD4 Data Centre. We do all this for free and to minimise your latency and optimise your trading experience.

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