About Us

Strathos albeit incorporated in the glorious Carribean is a real broker with real substance and maintains precisely the ethical standards of its Founders, Management and Owner who have operated in the eFX space for since its inception.

The Firms’ owners’ background spans UBS, DB, JPMorgan and Northern Trust heading up their Treasury Operations alongside other units and for the past decade has operated regulated broker-dealers in the UK (FCA), Australia (ASIC, Labuan (LFSA) and in his 29 years in the industry is one of the most trusted individuals in the industry.

He has surrounded himself with an extremely management team with whom he has worked for over the past decade and has investment interests in on-shore regulated brokers and sat on the Board of Directors of a multitude of Financial Institutions including FCA Regulated Asset Managers, FCA Regulated Broker Dealers (Three) and a Digital Bank in addition to serving on the Board of Two ASIC Regulated firms.

Strathos applies exactly the same ethical standards with its Carribean firm as it would with any on-shore regulated entity and its ethos is principally based on transparent, executable, competititive pricing across an array of asset classes utilising the best in class technology and a team which is there to service you, our valued client.

Strathos Capital Technology LLC ("Strathos") Company Number 713LLC2020 has been duly incorporated under the laws of SVG with its registered address at Suite 305, Beachmont, Kingstown, SVG.